MC-21 program


МС-21 aircraft will be certified both to Russian and international standards.

The ongoing aircraft certification is being completed in accordance with МС-21 Certification Basis, consisting of airworthiness and environmental protection requirements applicable to МС-21 aircraft.

The Certification Basis relies on:

  • the current airworthiness requirements to transport category aircraft, Part 25 of the Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Regulations (AP-25) as in effect when the type certification application is filed;
  • the Interstate Aviation Committee current requirements to all-weather transport category aircraft;
  • the current environmental noise reduction requirements as specified in the Aircraft Environmental Noise Certification Rules, Part 36 of the Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Regulations, chapter 4, volume 1 “Aircraft Noise”, Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO) Annex 16 “Environmental Protection”;
  • special technical requirements containing differences of the Russian AP-25 regulations as compared to the European CS-25 and the American FAR-25 regulations.