The ultra-light Dragonfly seats, with the 27-kg weight of a standard three-seat unit.

The standard-scale Slim Plus seats, with the 31.4-kg weight of a standard three-seat unit. Passenger entertainment units may be optionally integrated.

  • Endurable and light
  • State-of-the-art design incorporating advanced materials and ensuring safety and reliability
  • No special tools required for maintenance
  • High level of component interchangeability and easiness of cleaning
  • Increased passenger space owing to reduced backrest thickness
  • Compliant with FAA TSO-C127a certification requirements
  • Light profiled aluminum backrest structure improves ergonomic efficiency
  • Elegant seat cushion incorporating graduated compression layers ensures maximum comfort
  • Easy armrest and tray table adjustment
  • Backrest position adjustment in the range of 4” (Dragonfly) to 5.5” (Slim Plus)

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